Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hello there.

So, yes. Haven't been here for a month now. Haven't been feeling so peachy for a while. Headaches, colds, bad moods in general. That kind of crap. At least I'm taking care of my flowers. I'm pretty sure they're feeling a lot better than I do.

I've even started to mark in my calender when I give them water. Just so I can remember it easily and make sure I don't forget them. I have a few babies now that I really want to stay alive. Actually it's 2 more than last time I wrote. I've bought a new Fushia. Dark pinkish and purple. Have had the same color before but it died unfortunately. But the other one from last summer Is alive and growing. *phew*

I also bought a new Geranium. A scented one, Coca Cola. Just adorable. Can't wait to see the flowers. But this also means that my window is not only full. It's stuffed like a turkey och thanksgiving. Oh well. I know I can find a way to make room somehow. And it's soon spring. I hope. Then some of them are going out to enjoy our few days of chilly but fairly nice Swedish summer.

Ah.. summer. Gimme. Now.

My Cola Geranium.