Friday, May 24, 2013

New arrivals.

We just got them today in the mail, they looked a bit starved but I hope they survive.
It is 2 kinds of Iris flowers, a white strawberry plant and ( according to google translate ) a Plumbago flower / bush. Very curious about that one. It was called "Blyblomma" ( Lead flower ) in swe, and looked kinda like a cross between Geranium and Hydrangea. Beautiful. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

The first few.

The first few flowers planted outside. I did a raid last Tuesday when my mom was at the dentist. I thought she'd like to come home to a few freshly planted flowers after having to go to such a horrible place.

Got a ten pack of these cuties, so well enough to fill 3 pots. 2 in this one, 2 in a small wall hanging one, and the last ones in a big brown pot just at the end of the stairs. Lovely.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Greenhouse season started !

Two plants that has survived from the previous summer. A white hanging Geranium and a pretty in pink Fushia. The later one has been a bit abused during the winter but she's still alive and blooming. This summer I've got two more. One white ( or at least I think it is ) and one purple-pinkish. 

I think I'll move more of the Geraniums out tomorrow, and then in a few days or more I'll move the seedlings too. Need to plant more seeds also, only a few of them are down in the dirt so far. Not like I'm in a hurry tho. Spring has finally come and summer is closing in pretty fast too. Awesome.