Tuesday, December 30, 2014


So that thing happened, again. Seems to come back every year. And I love it. Music, ornaments, baking and all. Spent it with my family so haven't been around my computer for a while. But shit doesn't matter. It's been nice and it's almost a new year.

That means school. Yes. Finally. And god knows what else. I have hopes that it will go well. It's both awesome and scary. Keep your thumbs up for me. In the mean time. I'm gonna celebrate the new year coming and have a few days of nothing and relaxing.

Possibly some painting. Got some more art supplies stored up and ideas forming. Just finished another piece the other day. Very proud of it. Check it out on instagram. Until next year...

Live long and prosper.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Climbing frenzy.

Lately it seems that my weeks are going by even faster than usual. And they're focused around Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sunday. Spelled out, climbing climbing weekend and climbing. The climbing has been going very well too. I'm not sure I mentioned it but I've taken my first 5c clean. And the other week when we went to Sthlm I climbed a 6a. Not clean but still awesome.

We also went to a climbing competition. Legends Only. Saw some really awesome climbers, the top of the male elite. Managed to get the autographs of all of them too. I was fan-girling so hard. Shook hands with some of them too. Never thought I'd get to see and meet them so close up. The high point was ofc to meet Adam Ondra and Sean McColl. *sigh* Awesome climbers.

Now if I could only get to meet Kim Jain, I'd be set for years. She's my all time favorite female climber. Who knows, maybe she'll be at the female climbing competition next spring. Also held here in Sthlm. That would be awesome.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Bread.

Sorry I'm late.
I'm not really in the mood for blogging lately.
But here's how the round bread turned out.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Down and out.

I'm having troubles sleeping again. Last night, or should we say early this morning. I stood in the kitchen watching the snow fall outside the window. I hoped it would stay over the day but I wasn't feeling very happy. I think I could have slept pretty much through the entire day, but I made my self get up after 12 anyway.

I tried to do some stuff but ended up in bed again a while later. Not sleeping. Just wasting time watching the sky through the window and the sealing. I am quite apparently not feeling very well. It's a good thing I'm still eating these pills. I might be feeling down and out of character. But at least I'm not thinking about all of the ways the world would be better if I wasn't in it.

I need to snap out of this somehow. Good thing Sugar is home soon. That will make everything feel better. At least for the moment. Oh, and the snow did stay. For the day anyway. It was a nice warm moment this afternoon to look out the window and see the white stuff on the ground. I hope it snows more during the night.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Orchid, Dancing Lady.

My favorite Orchid of all. Even before I got hocked on the color yellow. It blooms regularly, a few times a year. And is as easy to care for as the commonly found PhalaenopsisMaybe even easier since the bulbs the leafs grow out of will tell you if it's getting enough water or not. 

My only problem with keeping flowers, except for the lack of space. Has always been that I forget to water them. Even though the "statistics" say that the most common problem with household plants is that people tend to water them too much. From what I've seen, that statement doesn't seem to be very valid.

This plant has prospered very well here in Sugars apartment, growing quite steadily and blooming 2-4 times a year. ( If I recall correctly.) If all goes well, I intend to split her up into two plants eventually. Really looking forward to it.  She's a beauty.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The bread.

Yep. Still doing it. I don't know how many times I've baked this bread now. I've lost count. Had some tests and trials and realized that nuts and carrot is my favorite still. With some herbs, salt and oil on top. I'm really enjoying this. 

Still haven't got the feeling of "damn, have to bake again". It's a happy "oh no, need more bread. BAKE WOHOO!" feeling. Also looking for a sourdough basket so I can make pretty round breads. But they're pricey. Thinking of maybe making one my self. Maybe. But now it's time for a tea and bread snack.. ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Climbing Pain.

What can I say. I'm in pain. Again. And I have been more or less since we went climbing yesterday evening. I did a bad move or two, we are building a rout on the top rope wall. And now my left arm is trying to kill me for it. Had a really difficult time trying to fall asleep last night, and stay that way. Major bummer.

On the bright side I know now that I am not capable yet to perform that specific move yet. Also Since I've started climbing I've had less pain in my body over all. I just need to think a bit more and remember that my body is sensitive to some movements and strain. It's way too easy to forget in the heat of the moment.

The route is almost done now tho. And I think it's going to be great. It has just enough difficulties in it so that I can climb it but it's takes a little effort. Should be a nice help in my struggle to get up to climbing the 5c routes. When I'm not stupid enough to hurt my self, I'm getting stronger. So it's just a matter of time. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Ducklings.

Called so because I've named them after the 4 kids in the Ducktales series. Now, I can't be entirely sure here. Since I can't see the labels. So I don't know which is which. But I think the top right is the female called "Anki". And the rest are ( in some order or the other ) Knatte, Fnatte and Tjatte. 

Yes it's the swedish names. Go figure. I named them like this because I don't know what type of African Violet they are. And it was the first names that came to mind. Didn't remember what color they were either so this was a pleasant surprise when I came back to my old room.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Jerusalem Artichokes.

I had no idea that that was what they were called until just today. They can also be called Sunroot or Sunchoke. I got a few bulbs early this spring from the same friend I got the two African Violet Minis. Figured what the hell, this could be fun. Never grown them before. Let's try it. Planted 11 of them and got all these now when I harvested. 

I've given a lot of it away, cuz I don't think I'd be able to eat it all even with the help of Sugar. So I left some with my mom and gave some to 3 friends. Also left a bunch in the ground so we can get more next year. And the rest I took with me. Ofc I got a few funny ones in the bunch. Like this pretty heart shaped one. Forgot to bring it tho.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Lilla Blåklockan.

This is the second of two African Violet Minis I got from a friend a while back. I've posted the other one already when it was in bloom. This one took a while longer to get there but finally it did, while I was away ofc. But, she was still at it when I came up to visit. Her name is "Lilla Blåklockan". Roughly translated into "Little Bluebell". I'm sure she has a "proper" english name too but I don't know it. This is also one of the three plants I took with me back home.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


That's what I've named this little beauty. Because I got her from a woman with the same name. It's a mini African Violet. Don't know the name specifically. So I call her Maj. The woman I got the leaf from had tried to make new plants of the mother plant before, but they never survived. So I had to try for my self ofc.

First thing that happens when I come home with the leaf is that I accidentally drop it and the stem breaks 5mm from the leaf. *sigh* It's a bit short but I planted it anyway and hoped for the best. Last time I saw it nothing had happened. Then a little while ago my mom told me that it had started to grow. Awesome.

This is how it looked when I came up to visit. I don't ( ofc ) remember how the flowers looked but I'm pretty sure it was some kind of mixed white. I guess we'll see in a while, if it stays alive. Damn, just remembered that I forgot to call and say that the leaf had survived. Oh well. I'll get back to her with that later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Been good today. Mailed my application to the education I've been wanting for a while now. Let's hope 3:rd time is the charm. Although ofc I have my doubts. As always. If I don't get it approved this time I think I might just give up and go register at the evil unemployment office. I will have to do it sooner or later anyway. Always hope for later. :P

And yesterday was climbing day, finally. Been over two weeks since I last climbed. I could feel it. But on a good note I didn't feel out of energy as I have been the last few times I went climbing. Maybe I really needed a rest. I took it easy anyway since I've been sick recently. And today when I woke up I did have a tiny bit of exercise pain. Sweet. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm back!

I was a bit sad to leave all my flowers again. But I did manage to take 3 of the small ones with me. It was a very hard decision to make. But over all, the rest seems to manage ok up there even without me. Big thx to my awesome mom for taking care of them for me.

Needless to say, I had a lot of packing with me. Had to ask Sugar to come and help me at the station. I could have taken the bus, but I din't feel like having to take that extra trip back to go get my bike later. Lazy bitch I know, but it's also nice with some company.

I've unpacked almost everything now, and made my self a little improv desk on the floor at the end of the bed. I'm gonna get my self a proper desk, but I need to get a hold of my ex first. Got some stuff to check and possibly coordinate there. We'll see. I'm fine for now tho.

I've got some pics to show but that will have to wait a little. So happy to be back here. Don't get me wrong. It's nice and fun to visit my family. But this is home now. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Ofc shit has to hit when I go away. I'm up visiting my family for a week now. Came here yesterday. And ofc, now I'm sick. Started with a little tickle in the back of my throat yesterday morning. Last night I couldn't sleep properly because of it. And now it hurts. So annoying. And tomorrow I'm supposed to go climbing. We'll see how that goes. At least I got to take care of all my pretty little flowers now. It looked like a jungle when I came into my room. I'm gonna try to take a few of them with me when I go. We'll see if I manage. Now I need to go rest and have some water... damn. *cough cough snivel snivel*

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quiet days.

I'm all alone. For about 2-3 days more. My love is out of the country for business. This leaves me with a lot of time to fill. I can and could do anything. But I've chosen to spend these last two days watching movies. It's actually been pretty nice.

Also trying to get some drawing done. But right now I don't have many ideas that I want to put on paper. It's always easier if you have a solid idea. Gonna keep working at it though. Maybe I'll catch an idea or two soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Randomness update.

Haven't blogged much for a while. I've been a bit under the weather. A slight infection combined with a lack of social life and autumn depression is what it looks like. But nothing much has happened anyway. The fruits are brewing and bread is baked, as usual now. I've got picture updates too ofc but I'm too lazy to go get them from my phone right now. I'ma go and reheat my cup of tea, that I forgot I had. And wait for Sugar to come home. It's climbing day today. I hope I have a tiny bit more energy today than I had last time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Randomness, Booked.

Going through some of my books today. Since I can't afford to buy new ones. I'm looking for someone I haven't read recently, that I can read again. And I realize the vampire part of my collection is the biggest. Go figure. I love vampires. I know there are a few books I'm missing tho so this gives me an opportunity to write down which ones. I've been wanting to do that for months now. But I gotta take a break now and go stir some jars. Maybe see if I can find a shelf to put these books on. We'll see.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sourdough test nr:4.

I think I can probably stop calling these baking sessions for "tests" now. Yesterdays baking went awesome. Just like the last time. This time I went all out on it. Added carrot, pumpkin seeds and two types of nuts. And made it full size. I probably used up about 80% of Binks. It tastes good, looks good and smells good. I'm a baker. :D Wohoo !

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wooot !?!

Wonderful wonderful news. I have been thinking of getting the green climbing card. The card that proves that I can belay other people safely and therefor am allowed to do it in the climbing hall. So I've checked out the company that gives courses for this. And found out that it cost almost 800:- sek.

Ouch. So I thought this won't happen for quite a while. But then we heard that the staff of the hall are allowed to test you (basically) and give you a card if you pass. Now this got me nervous. A test, with someone I don't know. About something they probably know better. Yikes. So I got a bit unsure.

Didn't really feel like pursuing it at that moment. But then yesterday. I saw that there were two guys in the hall getting tested for the card. And I guess I felt a bit optimistic or something. (Although very scared.) And decided to wait around and ask if it was possible to test me too. Damn the horror.

And in the end, he had time. And I have my card. Wohoo !!!! I'm so happy. I have to say, that although my brain froze up a bit. It went very well. It is still a bit scary to talk to people i don't know. But he was very nice, like pretty much all of the climbers I've met so far. The future looks bright.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

One of those days.

I just feel like complaining today. About anything and everything. I don't know why, I guess it's just one of those days. We've got some weird ass weather going on. Bright sunshine and fairly heavy rain. And it's climbing day ofc, so this means a bike trip. That will most certainly get me wet as fuck. And on top of that I've got medication itchiness, period pains and a tummy that doesn't agree with me. *gah*

But hey, on the bright side. The blueberry fermentation was finally done yesterday. It's all bubbly and smelly now. Because the liquid in it is so dark, it's been so hard to see how it's been going. But apparently it went very well. Also, on Saturday we started a new jar of plum fermentation. And guess what, it's done too. That's one speedy little bugger. A lot faster than the first time we tried plums.

And over all life is pretty good. So I shouldn't complain. It could have been a lot worse. Maybe I'll try to be a bit productive today and go down in the storage and get some more stuff. A few books would be awesome. I need some more entertainment. And I wish I had brought more yarn with me here so I could knit or crochet. Simply sitting by the pc and waste time there all day just isn't cutting it anymore. 

Monday, September 8, 2014


I want to try it.
Found this version on my phone a while ago and tried the start. Feels like it's something doable. Especially now that I can reach my toes without hurting my self. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Sourdough test nr:3.

Success ! The bread I made yesterday turned out awesome. I'm really happy. So happy that I had to go over to our neighbors and give them a sample. I didn't follow the recipe this time. Since it hasn't worked out too well for me. Funnily though, I realized after the baking that I've read the recipe a bit wrong. Shit happens.

I did it my way this time anyway, and it is awesome. Next step is to make this a full size batch. I still haven't made it as big as the original recipe says. Which is why it's thinner than normal bread. But next batch will be thicker. Also I'm planning on adding nuts into it. Maybe some seeds too because it's just so tasty. 

And on another note. I did some nice climbing yesterday too. While the dough was growing and waiting we were away at the climbing hall. I tried the 5c with grey grips again. I've done it once before. But every time after that I've failed. I realized after a while the the failing was because of a mental blockage.

I think I've fixed that now though. So next time, I might be able to climb it clean. Without having to hang and rest on the rope. Because the first part of it is going really well now. I've got that down. Even made a really nice move on it yesterday. I hope the next climb will be just as pretty, or even better. :P

Thursday, September 4, 2014

In the kitchen.

So now that my phone is somewhat functional again, here's what's happening in the kitchen. The plum ferment is gone. Eat ate eaten. And it was delicious. But we have 3 new experiments going on. In the bottom picture, blueberries. Haven't seen much reaction in there but they are from a frozen state so apparently it can be a bit different.

The left picture on top is the jar of peaches. This one has been going very well. But I doubt I'll do it again because I realize that I'm not that fond of the smell of it. Eew eew. I'm hoping it tastes better at least. And the right picture next to it is the latest addition. Apple and cinnamon. Smells Awesome already, duh. And I think it will taste good too.

And last but not least. It's time for sourdough test nr:3. I'm doing it a little bit different this time than the last two attempts. But I'll go into that more tomorrow probably. When I know how this has turned out. The right picture in the middle though, is the new jar we got for Binks. It's a lot bigger than her starter jar. Too bad I forgot to take the pic before I started the dough.

And that's it. Not much but a lot for me. All this kitchen stuff is making me feel a bit old. Or possibly just my age really. But it's ok, it's fun. And it has given me a new and working routine for the mornings. I feed my self, I feed Binks and then I feed Miles. The turtle. And if it's a baking day. I get that started too. And in the evening after climbing, I bake.

Easy peasy. :-)

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Vote.

It's soon time to go and vote here in Swe. So today I'm taking some time of my boredom to listen to a recent debate between the leaders of the current parties. This is as involved as I've ever been. Politics are and have always been very boring and uninteresting to me. Maybe I'm finally growing up because this year I feel that maybe I should try to make a little effort.

I have pretty much already decided where my vote will lay. But getting a little more info and impressions from the parties couldn't hurt. And to be honest, I want to see the racist party make even bigger fools of them selves. I personally believe that humans will not be happy by sorting our selves by skin color and country borders. And/or sexual preferences.

I hope that not too many people will vote for these kinds of parties. But most of all, I hope that as many people as possible will go out and vote. And if you're unsure what to vote for. You can always go to aftonbladet.se and take the test there to see which party you're most likely to agree with. You'll get a few options. It's better than nothing. Or just vote blank. It's ok too.

And just to point this out, again. I have never been very interested in politics. Like I said. But I do vote. I have only missed it once. Because I was out of the country at the time of the election. And stupid me forgot to vote before I left. Shit happens. But I have no reasons to forget it this time. Last but not least, please help us keep racism out of the government.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Life uppdate.

Life as it is, is pretty nice right now. Of course I'm skeptical, so I don't want to say too much. Because then I'm just gonna worry that all hell will break loose and fuck things up. But, regardless. I'm very happy.

Today I started to move some stuff in. Feels like I'm sneak moving into this place. I'm just grabbing what I miss when I miss it from the storage. Just the other day I finally got to sit and relax in my rocking chair again. I've missed that one heaps. ( With the risk of sounding like a granny. ) It's so good for sleepless nights and episodes of annoying pain and the like.

Also the fermentation is going along well, the sourdough ( henceforth called Binks ) is looking smashing in her new jar, and I've got one of my favorite cups unpacked and filled with tea. All in all, awesomeness.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oh Poo!

I was going to post pictures again today, of the two new jars of fermentation I've started. Blueberry and peach actually. But unfortunately, after taking a picture of one of them. My phone decided to scare the shit out of me.

It started hissing and flickering and then died. And when I took out the battery I noticed that it has started to bulge. I do not want to turn it on again. So on monday I'm gonna go to the service station and see if they can help me.


Friday, August 29, 2014


Yes, Yes, YES ! This morning I came into the kitchen and was greeted by a visible bubbly activity in the plum fermentation. I'm thrilled ! I'm not sure if it's the jars or the moving them into the kitchen that we did yesterday that did it. But either way, I'm ecstatic.

So yes. Yesterday I bought a small shelf to put in the kitchen. To have fermentations, the sourdough momma, and what ever more in it. It looks great, works perfectly, and as i might have said before... you can't have too much storage space.

And also, I moved the fermentation into two new jars. Smaller than the one it started in, but better lids. As soon as it's ready to eat I'll be able to pour it all into one jar again. Then I'm gonna use the empty one to start a new blueberry fermentation in.

I recommend doing this. Fermentation. It's tasty delicious and good for your tummy. Speaking of tummy, mine is screaming for an intake of nutrition so I'd better do that. Ta ta.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sourdough test nr:2.

Baby steps people, baby steps. Here's a peak at the second test of making sourdough bread. I have realized that for me to do this specific recipe, I need to feed my momma for a few days so she gets bigger. So this test was on half the batch. But it went well I'd say. Smells nice, looks good, and tasted ok. I will do this again. Yes. Yes, I will. Awesomes...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sourdough test nr:1.

Look what I tried to do today. For the first time EVER ! I've never tried baking sourdough bread before. I've done bread the "normal" way. But never this. It was a very easy recipe tho, pleased with that. And it turned out pretty ok.

I was on my way to feed the sourdough mommy when I decided to try it out. So I took the tiny bit of mommy that I removed from the jar, and made a tiny tiny bread. I am very very pleased with the result. 

Next step is to make a full sized batch. I'm gonna wait a day or two first and just feed my little mommy. Get her a bit bigger. Gonna go out and get her a bigger jar too. And I am also pleased to tell that the feeding today went very well.

The pictures below are from right before it came out of the oven and right before it went into it. Silly me forgot to take a picture of the tiny bit of dough that I placed in the pan to start with. Oh well...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Things be bubblin'.

Sugar has a very nice neighbor couple next door that are into some cool shit. And I've met them so many times now that I've become curious about some of the things they do.

Here's two examples that caught my fancy. Sourdough bread and honey fermented fruit. It supposedly has a lot of nice and yummy bacteria in it, well the fruit fermentation anyway. And the bread, well that is just tasty stuff. And also good for your tummy. I started the fermentation 2 days ago. Slow progress so far but interesting. And tasty...

And I asked the neighbors the other day if we could have a piece of her sourdough mommy. Wouldn't normally have asked but she's offered it before anyway. And today she came over with a happy and bubbly new mini mommy. I hope she'll stay happy here. I've never ever handled stuff like this before. But they say they're very tough to kill.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Haven't posted many pics of plants or flowers lately. This is one of my babies living at Sugars place. Haven't had one of these since before I was 10 or something like it. Was very nice to finally see one and even get seedlings to it. Unfortunately my mothers cats destroyed the ones I took with me there. But my friend was very kind to give me new ones and this time they got to stay here and live. Very nice, very nice. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random picture day, legs.

A not too rare view of how my legs can look lately. Don't mind the scars, they're old. And yes, it's climbing on the agenda today. But I'm gonna have to climb a bit more careful this time, and not so many routes as last time. I might have put a bit too much pressure on my arms back then. My right elbow has been a bit upset since. Shit happens. I need to remember to work more with my legs anyhow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First fall and Championships !

This is going to be a long one. Ehum. So yeah, yesterday. I did my first real big fall. It was scary. And at the same time not so much. I think I might have been mostly surprised and chocked. I've been avoiding falls very hard since I started climbing. Because (and this I didn't figure out until about two weeks ago) I have a large fear of falling backwards. *Doh.* Well I knew about the fear, just not that it was affecting my climbing. Stupid huh ?

So we started some light fall fall practice just a few days later. And good thing we did. I think that's what made this fall so much easier. Because I sort of knew beforehand how it would feel to fall. And yeah, figuring out why I've been avoiding it so much was a good thing too. On another note I did some awesome climbing. 8 routes and 2 tries on two other ones. My body can feel the workout pretty much everywhere now. And I couldn't be happier.

And last but not least. This Thursday it's time for the IFSC Boulder World Championships again. Happy happy happy. It's too bad they're only every other year. (Even numbered years also.) Would be awesome if it was every year. But at least it's 2014 now so... wohoo. Competition. As always I'm gonna keep my hopes up for Rustam and Akiyo, but I think it will be awesome watching all of the competitors.

Some day I would like to go see an IFSC competition in real life. But for now I'm gonna stay happy and hope that they put up the You Tube clips as fast as possible. And/or maybe, I'll try to catch the live streaming. Depends a little on what's happening this week in my life and what not. Either way, I'm happy that I've found something more to be happy about and interested in. You have to care about something to live.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A new start, sort of.

Wow. Double post today. Kinda. This place will be under construction for a day or two now. Sort of a fresh new beginning going on here. This blog just moved from my previous place, and apparently there's lots to do. But all the old rants are still here. I got them moved safely. Just need to finish the wallpapering and refurnishing and everything will be peachy peach. So yeah. That's me, back to work. Hello, Bye bye, and welcome back. :)

Back again.

Wow, haven't thought about blogging for almost a month now. Been too busy having fun with Sugar and enjoying summer. Everything seems to be going well though. I've been doing some good improvements on the climbing. Yesterday I climbed a 5c. Not clean, but still counts. I think with a little effort, I can do it clean. Possibly next time.

I've also got a membership to the climbing hall now. So now I can go there and climb every damn day if I wanted to. Wohoo ! Very awesome. But I will probably stick to the days Sugar goes there. It's more fun with company. Although the more time I spend there, the more ppl I talk to. So can't really say it feels lonely there in any way. :P

Well well, can't stay here chatting about everything and nothing. I've got some shit to deal with. I have to admit tho. Right now, it would feel very nice to just cozy down in the couch and watch a movie. It's cold outside and I still need to get some more relaxation in. With the exercise pain and my body not being overly perky right now.

In honesty, I will probably only do half of what I need to do. But it will still be more than dong nothing at all.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's on.

I thought today was going to be a day of climbing and exercising, but I was wrong. Sugar quit work early and we went to the hall. Very nice and much appreciated even tho it was hellishly warm. I did 3 routes and some bouldering. Even got a free lesson in how to belay a person. And got to try it out. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. A nice surprise. I really have to go get that green climbing card soon. It would be very handy. Went home with a nice feeling of progress in my system. Some things are getting easier and easier. Happy happy joy joy.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Been busy, you know.

I've been climbing and spending a lot of time with Sugar. He's been on vacation now for a few weeks. Awesome times. We're going climbing again today actually. Outdoors. I'm loving it. I've noticed I'm getting stronger. Been trying to climb some 5c routes. It's a challenge alright. But I did get further last time. Gotta keep at it.

Next week he'll be back at work again. Gonna use some of the free time to cath up on a few things. Possibly. Possibly not. Also need to plan on when and how to get some of my stuff back here. I need to take a trip back home. But I really don't wanna. I wanna stay here and have a good time. Being happy doing awesome stuff.

Well, gotta get to bed now. Need to get up early to go do the awesome climbing stuff.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Shit's going well.

This climbing shit is going well. Yesterday we went at it again, and I managed to climb a 5a. We thought I did a 5b too, but then they changed it to 4c. Either way, I did 4 routes and tried a harder one, 5c. It's very fun, but damn. My arms can't really keep up with my enthusiasm. But it's awesome. I'm very happy that I finally managed to get my ass of the ground and up on the wall.

And so far I haven't had any issues with my "normal" pain. Barely had any exercise pain either. I'm happy that the first one is staying away, not so much the exercise one. But it's ok. Either way it looks like my thoughts about the swimming was right. It was probably the cold water that gave me so much pain afterwards. Too bad I didn't think of that sooner. This exercise is much more my style.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Random picture day again. Yeah, this happens a lot. Anyways. Got this some weeks ago from a good friend, last time I was here actually. Noticed when I came back here this time that It's been growing very well. Very nice. Very nice indeed. I wasn't so sure it would. Glad to be wrong.

Monday, June 30, 2014


So yesterday was my second time climbing top rope. Wohoo !!! I only did one route, because I was already a bit tired from trying to do some bouldering. Not too successful, they haven't been too nice with the supposedly "easy" ones. Good thing we've made new ones. 

Anyway it went sort of well. There are two boulder problems that I can do now, and two rope routes. Probably a good start. Can't do much before my arms are tired anyway. And I need to keep up the weight lifting at home. My arms need more strength. But other than that, I'm happy and quite pleased.

And here's a random picture from one of my walks. Just for fun.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Randomeness, the cake.

Because I've had my B-day.
A week ago now, and ofc there had to be cake.
Completely Vegan friendly also.
Very nice.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone."

This is my new favorite quote. I think it has some sense to it. And I'm getting closer, I can feel it. The lines are getting blurrier by the day and time. Soon I'll be all over it and god knows what can happen then. It's gonna be awesome. 

Today my harness came. I'm so excited. I've tried it on, hang tested it too. And for a while now I've been sitting in the couch practicing to tie the knot and to tie in into my harness. It went very well I think. Hopefully I'll be testing it out on the wall tomorrow. Yes yes yes yes. Awesomes in the making.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Shit's going on.

Been a few days. I've had my B-day and my foot is way better. Finally got a set of climbing shoes and I've already tried them on. They are, as expected, a bit on the tight side. But I'll grown into them. Sugar bought them for me as a B-day gift.

We went to the hall yesterday. First time using them on the wall. And I realised quite soon that it isn't enough with just the shoes. So today I ordered a harness too. I'm a little bit surprised my self. But I think I can do this, I will do this.

I can hardly wait. We're supposed to go again tomorrow. Too bad the harness won't be here by then. But I think it should be here before the weekend. It only has to travel from Stockholm. Too bad the hall is summer closed on weekends now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Chestnut mystery.

I found a tree that intrigued me.

Some kind of chestnut, but not the "everyday" kind you see here. A search online suggested that it's a Rödblommig hästkastanj. Or in eng, Red horse-chestnut. Never seen them before. It also said "common in Swedish gardens". But I don't think so. Could be tho that maybe I just haven't been in the right gardens.

Anyway. Before this one, I've only seen the ones that had white blossoms. Horse-chestnut I think. Would be nice to see a real Chestnut tree tho. The eatable kind. This city is just one the edge of their "comfort zone". I'm told that they like to live in zone 1-2. And this place is 2-3. So I guess it's not impossible at least.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

City Bitches.

So yesterday I got the note from the school, telling me that my city turned down my application for the education I applied for. I'm pissed. They tell you that you have all the means necessary to re-educate your self into another kind of work. And then they just turn down your application. Bitches. Although I was prepared for this answer. I'm still not happy about it. My hope for this winter is fucked. Better start thinking about an alternative.

Monday, June 9, 2014


I did go out. It was lovely weather. Sugar found my lost sunglasses. And I burned my shoulders and neck fairly badly in the sun. Watched topless guys climb rocks and had a chat with a girl I've seen in the gym before. Very nice. All in all, a very awesome day. Could only have been better if I had been able to climb my self. But that time will come. Now, I have stuff to do. Give my arms some workout and take my ankle for a rehabilitating walk. And maybe sit down in the sun and do nothing for a while. Just because I can. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hello Iris.

Can't type today. I'm out living my life. I think. Unless it's raining heavily. Then I'm probably parked in front of the tv watching climbing with Sugar. But either way. Here's a picture of a lovely lady I met on a walk recently.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

@Sugar's place..

Or rather, in his window.
A random generic red Geranium that he's fostering for me. Seems to be doing just fine. :) Blossoming an all.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My first...

So, yes. Went climbing on Tuesday anyway. Very proud. It wasn't easy to start climbing with many people there and Sugar and his friends watching. But I did it. Very awesome. Started working on a problem I haven't done before. And ofc, one unprepared fall later.... a twisted ankle. My first climbing related accident.

You have no idea how pissed I am that this happened. Good thing Sugar still had his "aircast" from when he got injured. So I borrowed that. And I didn't hurt my ankle as bad as he did, so it won't take me half a year to get back up again. But I'm counting on probably two weeks or so at least. Can only wait and see I guess.

On one hand I don't want to baby my self too much. But on the other, I don't know how careful I should be with this. Crap cakes and bitch buns. I'ma go and pop my foot up now and rest a bit. On the bright side it's a holiday on Friday so it's an extra long weekend. Three whole days of Sugar instead of two. :) Yey !!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

*Poop*, the update.

Because i can.
And now in a much better mood although still alone, and apparently it's raining outside. So yes the hall will probably be full. Shit happens. Anyway, I decided to perk my self up by getting a haircut. Quick and easy since I do it my self. And now I've given the blog a face lift too. Gonna need to take a new selfie for it tho. Since my profile pic is old and inaccurate. Oh well. If only I could lose my headache now. 


Today is climbing day. But the weather outside isn't overly peachy. Which means there will probably be a lot of people at the climbing hall. *poop* With a little luck, most of the might be busy with the top ropes. But I'm still a bit hesitant to climb. Stupid mind. Silly me.

I got stuck thinking about my future again last night, well, almost all day yesterday. So I'm not overly peachy either. Feels like my head is trying to make more problems where there really is none. At least not as big as my head want's it to be. So I'm having a somewhat bad day.

Gonna listen to some music and relax and see if maybe I can get into a better mindset before Sugar quits work and it's time to go. One can always hope.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Oops !

A bit of randomeness from last Thursday. ( Because I still can't let it go lol.) Apparently at some point, I managed to hit Sugar with my camera. *cough* In the face. *cough* I had it in a string around my neck. We didn't think much of it after that. But I had to take a pic of it now. I guess it hit him in just the right wrong spot. Now he kinda looks like he's been in a fight. Oops...

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I did it again !

Mwahaha. I went climbing again yesterday. :) Indoors this time, at the climbing gym Sugar always goes too. It was almost empty when we came there so I went for it. And happy I did. I even got Sugar and one of his friends to build a problem that was easy enough for me to climb.

Tried not to climb too much. Didn't want to end up in pain as I can get when I do stuff. But it went well. Practically no pain at all, and hardly any workout pains today either. I'm almost a bit disappointed. But it's good to know. Next time I can climb a bit harder without worries.

I'm happy I've finally started climbing. I definitely think this is a sport for me. Much better than swimming. I agree, swimming isn't bad. But I think the cold water gives me more pain, so a sweaty sport is probably a lot better. I hate being cold anyway and water has never been my best friend.

But, back to the climbing. I think, if things keep going well like this. That I'll start trying top roping soon too. Gotta stay positive and keep working.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Boulder galore.

I had a most excellent day yesterday. Went out climbing with Sugar, two of his friends, and the gf of one of them. New people make me worried but she was just a peach. All in all it was a very awesome experience.

Usually they go lead climbing outside, but this time it was bouldering. Never seen it, never done it, irl. But now I've got some good shots of it. And to my own ( and probably theirs too ) surprise, I even tried climbing.

It was awesome. They were all very nice and sweet and helping. I know this already but it was still very nice. I had to take some help but in the end I did top it. My first outdoors boulder. I have to do this again.

So now I'm even more interested in getting my self a pair of climbing shoes. I have to keep this up. Went out today to see if I could find some shoes to try. I might have found a pair. But I would like to try more.

There's a special brand that I'm interested in. But looks like I gotta go to Sthlm to find them. Not sure if the neighbor city has them. No worries. I'll get there eventually. Preferably sooner than later.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I've slept but I'm tired. And my internal organs are in turmoil. I suspect too much dairy and too little water. I would, atm, just like to go back to bed. I don't even feel like playing. I guess I'm having a slightly worse day than normal. And even tho I would like to tell it to go f**c of, I can agree that maybe I just need a little rest today. I'm not really feeling down at least, just experiencing an annoying lack of energy and willpower. *Sigh*

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Interesting find.

Was outdoors last weekend and watched people climb. Awesome as always. Got to see a new place I've never been to before too. Ofc I wouldn't be me if I didn't check out the plants in the area. I found a cute one that I've never seen before. It's a "Mullein". ( Kungsljus in Swedish.) Also called flannel leaf or velvet plant. Very appropriate, the leafs are so very soft and nice. Haven't seen how it looks while in bloom. But it still looks like something I'd probably want to have in my garden so I might just pop back there when I have one and take a few seeds or a plant. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Another first.

Yes, something I haven't done before is happening in the garden. I planted some artichokes recently. Got them from a friend that didn't want them in her garden any more. And I thought, why not. I planted on a fairly ok day, but right after we started to get more cold days and nights again. Got me a bit worried. So I'm happy to see that at least one of them is still alive, and apparently growing. Hope to see lots and lots of babies here.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The garden ninja.

This little fellow. Cuz you never see him coming. Google translate says it's a "King bed ( or meadow ) Lily". He's so easy to miss while growing up. I moved him from the grass last year after we found him. We only saw him because he was blooming. Before that, it just looked like a weed or thick grass. 

I know there's a white one out there in the garden somewhere too. I had a look too see if I could find it and move it into this flowerbed too. Would be sad to see it lost, but I couldn't find it sadly. But until next spring, I'm gonna try and see if I can get some seeds of this one and plant some more. Would be awesome. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Surprise in the kitchen.

This isn't mine. But I thought it was cute.
I was in the kitchen yesterday waiting for the dinner to get ready, when I found this single little pink flower growing under a big leaf. The flower belongs to my step father, he got it last year on his B-day. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

African Violets, the babies.

My two latest babies are doing awesome. So happy to see more flowers on the pink one. And the blue one has started to bud up too. I guess I won't be here when he blooms. Gonna have to ask my mom to take a pic of it and send me. Still awesome. <3