Friday, August 16, 2013

Gawh fuck.

Missed my own deadline ( or something ) so this won't end up on "Thursday" but anyway.

Last night as I  was going to bed I started thinking about my flowers again. And then it hit me. I am so not 60% done as I first thought... I had totally forgotten about the 6 plants outside the greenhouse. Suddenly the prospect of getting them all to fit in my small room seems far less likely. *sigh* I guess I'll have to tell my mom that I'll be needing that window space anyway. It's still gonna be tight though. Silly me. How could I forget them.

Besides that it's been an ok day. With the exception of a fairly stupid headache that I have to blame my self for, and the fact that I didn't get the job I applied for a week ago. To be honest, I never thought I'd get it either. But one can hope. Gotta keep looking.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Geranium galore.

It's time. The air outside is telling me so. That is, it's time to move my flowers back inside from the greenhouse. They've been living the life of kings and queens out there. Growing and blooming like crazy. It's been just wonderful to go out there and see them all. The only downside is that the air in my room hasn't been that awesome since I moved them out. Guess that will improve now. ^^

I'm a bit curious about my lack of space tho. So far I've moved most of them back in, and there's still a little room left. But I'm not sure all of the rest will fit. I will do my best ofc. But I might have to borrow some window space from my mom. The big problem is where to put my Physalis plant. It's grown quite big and I can't cut it short just yet. It's full of growing fruits. Awesomeness.

And some pics ofc. In order... The first batch of Geraniums and a before pic of my little window space. Needed some cleaning. Then an after img, or really half way. And the random unknown Geranium I bought in Lkpg. I got the color right anyway. Then my baby Apple Blossom. Most awesome to get to see it bloom. Yes I'm weird. The last 3 are also unknown but pretty none the less.

The red one is a shoot taken from my moms in laws, last summer. The bright pink one is from a plant my mom had. And the last one is not shown in it's full glory. And by that I mean it's a bad img because the flower is more to the blueish direction rather than the pink one it looks like here. All of them were in need of a "haircut". Well, haven't cut the red one yet. But I will when I move her.

Yikes. This turned out to be a long one. Oh well, happens sometimes. :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

On the right track.

I've been out and about for a while again, 3 weeks or so. It's strange how much I'm out visiting people and going places now. Well it feels strange for me. Compared to how it was before. When I only went up to visit my family once or twice a year. It's a lot more traveling now. I like it.

I went down to Lkpg again. Stayed a few days with D. Then of to my friend L for a few days before I went back to D for a while again and celebrated his B-day I met S and her bro too. Been taking a lot of pics, watched D climb and picked a LOT of cherries. And some strawberries too. Tasty as fuck.

Got some creative stuff done with L. We did a lot of talking too ofc. Haven't been social with her for ages now. Too bad she got a bit sick while I was there, but I hope she still thinks that it was worth it. I do.

Had a long chat with C about health and stuff which got me thinking about life and everything again. She recommended that I go see someone to help me with my mental issues. A very good idea ofc. I could still use some help even tho some of my issues seem to be gone now.

I'm no longer as scared as I used to be when I meet new people. It's not as hard anymore to talk to them and be social. I'm not so worried about if I'm being annoying or not to them now. Might this be the start of a growing self confidence perhaps? I applied for a job today. It was scary at first but I did it.

I've checked on things I said yesterday that I should check on today. That's a good step. I think I might start with my "to do" lists again. As far as today goes in that case it will be a lot of "done / check" marks on it. I've probably done all the "have to"s today. Might go on to do some creative fiddling now and just enjoy.

I'm feeling very calm and at ease right now. It's nice. Very nice.