Monday, March 14, 2016

Random Picture Day, New growth.

Random img day today. Just a little picture of what's going on in the windows. The last bit of X-mas still up in the window. And one of the few Geraniums that managed to survive through the winter and my depression.

You can't see most of the plant because it's hanging down in the darkness. But the part I really like with this one right now is the new leafs growing straight up. They started growing right after I moved it to this window, and it makes me very pleased. As with all of my flowering plants, I hope to see it bloom this spring.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Problem uppdate.

First of all. The fishes didn't make it. Of the 18 new ones I got as replacements for the ones that died in the second run. None made it. I am at the moment only mommy to two survivors. If they live, I'm planning on buying 2 more. One as a test and the second as a long term fishy. But that depends on if the tezt fish survives. I'm not there yet so we'll see when that happens.

Apart from that, it's spring here now. Both outside and inside. My porcelain flower has decided to bloom. Out of 5 growing flower stems, three are blossoming. It smells awesome in here. A lot of other things are growing too. I'm gonna try to get some pics of all that is sprouting and post it. I haven't been very good at blogging again. I've been thinking a lot.

Questioning all the possible directions my life can go now, what I want and so on. And I have recently discovered that I have some leftover unhappiness and problems from an event that happens some years ago. I have probably had it for a while now and just ignored to deal with it. Not healthy. I need to get my thoughts and feelings in order and then deal with it. Not looking forward to it.

It actually makes my stomach hurt from thinking about it. I might need professional help. Gah. Anyways. I need to go to bed. I've been having some bad issues with falling asleep lately. Last night was the worst. Had to cancel my climbing session today from lack of energy. Which sucks because I haven't had a proper week of climbing since last year. And it's messing up my low blood pressure.

Holy christ on a dirt bike.