Saturday, August 30, 2014

Oh Poo!

I was going to post pictures again today, of the two new jars of fermentation I've started. Blueberry and peach actually. But unfortunately, after taking a picture of one of them. My phone decided to scare the shit out of me.

It started hissing and flickering and then died. And when I took out the battery I noticed that it has started to bulge. I do not want to turn it on again. So on monday I'm gonna go to the service station and see if they can help me.


Friday, August 29, 2014


Yes, Yes, YES ! This morning I came into the kitchen and was greeted by a visible bubbly activity in the plum fermentation. I'm thrilled ! I'm not sure if it's the jars or the moving them into the kitchen that we did yesterday that did it. But either way, I'm ecstatic.

So yes. Yesterday I bought a small shelf to put in the kitchen. To have fermentations, the sourdough momma, and what ever more in it. It looks great, works perfectly, and as i might have said before... you can't have too much storage space.

And also, I moved the fermentation into two new jars. Smaller than the one it started in, but better lids. As soon as it's ready to eat I'll be able to pour it all into one jar again. Then I'm gonna use the empty one to start a new blueberry fermentation in.

I recommend doing this. Fermentation. It's tasty delicious and good for your tummy. Speaking of tummy, mine is screaming for an intake of nutrition so I'd better do that. Ta ta.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sourdough test nr:2.

Baby steps people, baby steps. Here's a peak at the second test of making sourdough bread. I have realized that for me to do this specific recipe, I need to feed my momma for a few days so she gets bigger. So this test was on half the batch. But it went well I'd say. Smells nice, looks good, and tasted ok. I will do this again. Yes. Yes, I will. Awesomes...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sourdough test nr:1.

Look what I tried to do today. For the first time EVER ! I've never tried baking sourdough bread before. I've done bread the "normal" way. But never this. It was a very easy recipe tho, pleased with that. And it turned out pretty ok.

I was on my way to feed the sourdough mommy when I decided to try it out. So I took the tiny bit of mommy that I removed from the jar, and made a tiny tiny bread. I am very very pleased with the result. 

Next step is to make a full sized batch. I'm gonna wait a day or two first and just feed my little mommy. Get her a bit bigger. Gonna go out and get her a bigger jar too. And I am also pleased to tell that the feeding today went very well.

The pictures below are from right before it came out of the oven and right before it went into it. Silly me forgot to take a picture of the tiny bit of dough that I placed in the pan to start with. Oh well...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Things be bubblin'.

Sugar has a very nice neighbor couple next door that are into some cool shit. And I've met them so many times now that I've become curious about some of the things they do.

Here's two examples that caught my fancy. Sourdough bread and honey fermented fruit. It supposedly has a lot of nice and yummy bacteria in it, well the fruit fermentation anyway. And the bread, well that is just tasty stuff. And also good for your tummy. I started the fermentation 2 days ago. Slow progress so far but interesting. And tasty...

And I asked the neighbors the other day if we could have a piece of her sourdough mommy. Wouldn't normally have asked but she's offered it before anyway. And today she came over with a happy and bubbly new mini mommy. I hope she'll stay happy here. I've never ever handled stuff like this before. But they say they're very tough to kill.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Haven't posted many pics of plants or flowers lately. This is one of my babies living at Sugars place. Haven't had one of these since before I was 10 or something like it. Was very nice to finally see one and even get seedlings to it. Unfortunately my mothers cats destroyed the ones I took with me there. But my friend was very kind to give me new ones and this time they got to stay here and live. Very nice, very nice. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random picture day, legs.

A not too rare view of how my legs can look lately. Don't mind the scars, they're old. And yes, it's climbing on the agenda today. But I'm gonna have to climb a bit more careful this time, and not so many routes as last time. I might have put a bit too much pressure on my arms back then. My right elbow has been a bit upset since. Shit happens. I need to remember to work more with my legs anyhow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First fall and Championships !

This is going to be a long one. Ehum. So yeah, yesterday. I did my first real big fall. It was scary. And at the same time not so much. I think I might have been mostly surprised and chocked. I've been avoiding falls very hard since I started climbing. Because (and this I didn't figure out until about two weeks ago) I have a large fear of falling backwards. *Doh.* Well I knew about the fear, just not that it was affecting my climbing. Stupid huh ?

So we started some light fall fall practice just a few days later. And good thing we did. I think that's what made this fall so much easier. Because I sort of knew beforehand how it would feel to fall. And yeah, figuring out why I've been avoiding it so much was a good thing too. On another note I did some awesome climbing. 8 routes and 2 tries on two other ones. My body can feel the workout pretty much everywhere now. And I couldn't be happier.

And last but not least. This Thursday it's time for the IFSC Boulder World Championships again. Happy happy happy. It's too bad they're only every other year. (Even numbered years also.) Would be awesome if it was every year. But at least it's 2014 now so... wohoo. Competition. As always I'm gonna keep my hopes up for Rustam and Akiyo, but I think it will be awesome watching all of the competitors.

Some day I would like to go see an IFSC competition in real life. But for now I'm gonna stay happy and hope that they put up the You Tube clips as fast as possible. And/or maybe, I'll try to catch the live streaming. Depends a little on what's happening this week in my life and what not. Either way, I'm happy that I've found something more to be happy about and interested in. You have to care about something to live.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A new start, sort of.

Wow. Double post today. Kinda. This place will be under construction for a day or two now. Sort of a fresh new beginning going on here. This blog just moved from my previous place, and apparently there's lots to do. But all the old rants are still here. I got them moved safely. Just need to finish the wallpapering and refurnishing and everything will be peachy peach. So yeah. That's me, back to work. Hello, Bye bye, and welcome back. :)

Back again.

Wow, haven't thought about blogging for almost a month now. Been too busy having fun with Sugar and enjoying summer. Everything seems to be going well though. I've been doing some good improvements on the climbing. Yesterday I climbed a 5c. Not clean, but still counts. I think with a little effort, I can do it clean. Possibly next time.

I've also got a membership to the climbing hall now. So now I can go there and climb every damn day if I wanted to. Wohoo ! Very awesome. But I will probably stick to the days Sugar goes there. It's more fun with company. Although the more time I spend there, the more ppl I talk to. So can't really say it feels lonely there in any way. :P

Well well, can't stay here chatting about everything and nothing. I've got some shit to deal with. I have to admit tho. Right now, it would feel very nice to just cozy down in the couch and watch a movie. It's cold outside and I still need to get some more relaxation in. With the exercise pain and my body not being overly perky right now.

In honesty, I will probably only do half of what I need to do. But it will still be more than dong nothing at all.