Thursday, January 23, 2014

Moar flower power.

I'm visiting Sugar and my plants atm.
Taking some time of from thinking about the storage mess by taking care of the flowers. ( Yes I know I should do more "doing" and less "thinking", I will. ) Some of them just need some tlc, some need a whole new pot and soil. 

And one of them I threw away. I felt too sorry for it. It wasn't doing well at all. One of those "I don't want to to live what ever you do to me" plants. Shit happens. The plant in the img here is going to get a whole new pot and soil. It had pretty much migrated out of the pot by doing these "babies". Poor baby...

But shit happens. Quite a lot with these flowers. I had one once that I needed to re-plant once every year cuz he kept trying to escape the pot. Maybe I should have taken the hint ? Or something. ^^

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Personal growth galore.

Oh I really like this. I have to be Ego here a little bit. Yesterday I had another "Oh wow" moment about my self. I asked some questions about things I wasn't sure about. Nothing dangerous I know, but still a big deal for me. Just a minor hesitation, but it went very well. I had the right person to talk to.

Normally I would just go online and try to find the answers there. But at the same time, I find it more interesting and fun to get the answers I need from a person and not a screen. Even if it is an easy answer to find by my self. So, there we go. Getting better day by day. Awesome.

I've also started to say the most funny comments about my self. First time I did it I felt like "wtf ?".  Saying words like awesome, gorgeous and fabulous. And when I think back about it right after having said it. I don't feel bad about saying something good about my self. When the hell did that change ?

I do wonder how things could change so much in my mind in just this last year. But I ain't gonna question it. It feels goood. And on another note. I cut my hair again. And bleached it. When feeling good inside, having the outside look good too makes it all even better. Go me ! Wohoo !

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Puppy Love, again.

Guess what. Say hi to Akira
Today Nemo's sister joined our "little" family. Ever since my mother and her hubby went to pick up Nemo they've been talking about how maybe they should have taken his sister too. And wohoptedo, look who's here now. She's awesome. A bit smaller than her brother but almost identical in color. Just some small things the look a bit different. Nemo was oh so happy to see her. He's been playing with her so much, she's pretty exhausted now. I hope she'll like it here. We are so happy to have her. :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Me, my self and my worries.

I'm so tired of this now. I'm in a period of high anxiety and worrying again. Thinking about my allergies that are in danger of getting worse by the day. Looking for work online almost daily. Worrying about what to do with my things in Lkpg. And how and when I'll get a job. Getting a place to live, and ofc where to live.

It's quite exhausting. And it comes with the very unpleasant side effect of not being able to fall asleep. Even if I'm in bed by 12, the chance of me falling asleep before 4-6 in the morning is slim. That in turn makes me feel like I'm a no good lazy ass when I can't get out of bed until after 12-13 somewhere. Crap, fuck, shit.

On the bright side. I'm quite happy with my mental progress in the self worth department. I think it's gone extremely good even. I still get some random spontaneous issues tho. And I don't get any heads up for them either. It's a bit annoying but I guess it can't be helped. At least I'm going forward.

One of my issues I really don't understand. The "ppl doing things that could embarrass them" thing. I mean, why the fuck should I be worried about that ? It's really not my problem. My only guess is that my faulty logic has found a loophole to make it my problem. I need to cut that of and close it up for good.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Because I can.

And because I like flowers.
Here's a collage of the other Geranium that bloomed.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Number 5.

So, I've had 4 flowers blooming in my window this winter. Not at the same time ofc, and one of them simply didn't stop blooming after summer ended. She's a little bit special.  Either way it's a bit unusual, but look what I found this morning. This is the second Geranium that had decided to join the game, and if she blooms will be number 5. Very exciting. Funny I din't see that when I gave them a check over the other day.

I need to start marking them all up soon. I think I have a pretty good idea of "who is who". But it's always better to have them labeled too. And I think, if I remember it correctly. That this is my special generic one. She has a sort of purple-bluish color. But I am told, there are no blue geraniums. Interesting.

Friday, January 10, 2014


I have a motivational issue. Basically, I want to do things but can't get any motivation to do it. It's starting to bug the hell out of me. But recently I got my self a little cheerleader. I've been wanting to learn a new language. German, to be exact. So I got a tip from a friend and downloaded this app. Its pretty neat.  Has all the right features for me that I need right now at least. And also, one thing that I both like and dislike.

If I don't use it one day. It sends me a reminder. Saying how its important to keep up the learning and w/e. The demotivational part of me thinks these messages can just go to hell and burn in eternity. Gimme a break. But the part of me that wants to learn this language is cheering loudly saying go go go !!! Lols. I know this is good for me. I hope I remember that.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Plant care.

Yesterday I had some quality time with my plants. I'm so happy every time I check on them and see that they're still alive and doing ok. They're doing much better than last winter. I wonder if it is because I've put them all near the window and maybe the light from there together with the fixture is doing them good.

Last time many of them lost a lot of leafs. But probably much to do with me forgetting to water them properly. This winter is much better. I guess it's good to buy "special" plants that you care even more about. I have a few now who if they died, would make me so miserable. Only had one death so far.

That was a flower I had duplicates of so no worries there. I do hope the remaining one stays alive tho. But now, it's tea time. My room smells of Geraniums and dirt. Nice. And I have a big cup of tea and cupcakes that are waiting for me. It's a good day.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Puppy Love.

We have a new addition to the family. 
About a week ago my mom and her hubby adopted an adorable little Puppy. A German Shepherd / Collie mix we named Nemo. He's about 10 weeks old now and pretty much everything he does is simply adorable.

Maybe not the pooping on the floors. But that's our own fault for not getting him out in time. He really is doing his best and mostly it's going really good. Pretty much everything here is new to him. And wow, don't even mention going outside. He stares at everything and even sits down to watch when a car drives by.

It's gonna be amazing to watch him grow up. And no matter what other ppl say. ( I've heard the complaints.) I agree with my mom and her hubby. It doesn't matter if he turns out to be a 50 kilo heavy baby. Ofc he should be allowed to sleep in the bed with them. I'd have him in my bed if I weren't allergic.

An allergy which btw doesn't seem to take much notice of Nemo. Awesome.