Tuesday, November 5, 2013

African Violet.

That's what these little cuties are called in english apparently, African Violet. Kinda cute. I learned this just the other day when an english speaking friend asked what type of flower it was. Had to look it up. Also started wondering why I haven't done that earlier ?

And, yesterday I separated "the twins". They've grown a lot and aren't that small anymore. Too big to stay in the same pot together anyway. And also, one of them is going to be adopted by a friend of mine. I'm so looking forward to find out what colour it has on the flowers. I know, I should have put markers on them. Since I have 4 and they're all different colours. But isn't it a bit more exciting this way ?

I wonder if any of the other 3 little ones will sprout twins too ?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Happiness in a pot.

Took care of my plants today. Real care. 
Checked everything and made sure they're looking good and feeling happy. And apparently some of them are happier than others.

Found this beauty in the front row close to the window.
And here I had a suspicion that she might not be feeling that perky. I'm happy however, to be wrong.