Sunday, April 29, 2012

Back to the garden.

While visiting my friend, I took the time to visit my "old garden" too. I wanted to see what made it through the winter and was growing and what did not. The outcome was very good. So far it looks like only 2 plants died. Just a slight surprise but no worries.

Late last summer I bought 2 spring flowers which I ofc don't remember the names of now. But they're both alive and even blossoming. And I found seedlings from another flower that I had last year. I had to take one with me now. Will be interesting to see the color of the flower it self.

The Rhubarb survived. ( Totally freakishly happy about that. ) And ofc most of the herbs. But I have to admit,  right now it's a bit hard to tell one mint plant from the other. And I have three. But it's no worries really. It's just nice to know they're alive.

It's too bad no one will be around to take care of my garden tho. Root out the weeds and cut of all the old pieces. But at least I get to keep my plants there until I can get my own garden. And I can't complain. Because today is an awesomely peachy day.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Contemplating issues.

And it's raining outside.
Once again I'm wondering about where I "should" live. I really miss this city a lot. Maybe too much ? Could I live here "by my self" ? I am reminded that it's really not an issue that needs to be worried about right now but I still do. Well well. At least the weather agrees with me.

I like rain.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It can never be too awesome.

Well hello there. It's been a while now. I didn't mean to take a break this long, or well, a break at all. Just a few missing days or so. I went away for a visit to a friend. But unfortunately soon after I came there I became sick with a bad cold. So I haven't really been up to much at all. I was supposed to meet my friends.

But today I'm feeling a lot better. Went to the city with a friend and did some shopping and socializing. Got new underwear that fits soooo damn perfect it's hard to believe. And ofc I had to check for a new pair of socks and wouldn't you know, I found a pair that was instant love at first sight. Couldn't have gone better.

And, to top everything of. The most awesome news in ages besides my trip to this friend. I now have a trip booked to Swiss in the start of June. 2 weeks of awesomeness with my wonderful awesome Sigi and hopefully some time with the other guys ofc. One friend has promised me a bike ride and I hope to get it.

All in all I'm feeling very peachy and happy right now. Life is good. I sorta have plans for the autumn, I do have plans for the summer. It couldn't really be much better right now. And for once, finally, I am not waiting for shit to hit. I am simply enjoying the happiness without being negative. Fuckin amazing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I've been there 4 times so far.
I didn't go last year, because of a few reasons.
I regret that decision very very much now. But it's too little too late.
However, it looks like I'll get to go this summer.
Ureshii. <3

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Color me crazy.

Today, this is the house of colors. My mom and I are dying our hair. She's going for the classic bright fire red, and I'm going brown. Which won't be very visible since the rest of my hair is black from the last coloring. But I notice it and it looks better than not doing anything at all.

Geez I feel girly. You know what, sometimes I really hate being this caring about my looks. But what ever, more ego shoots in the future whoho. Och and I almost forgot, I had some leftover color. So we decided to use it in moms hair. Most excellent. Just a few min to the result.

And one day less to wait...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Woho !

It's Monday, Woho ! I've been waiting for this day, this week actually. And to make it even better, I don't have a headache. Yet. Don't want to jinx it now do we. Anyways, everything is pretty peachy for the moment. And in a few days I'm of for my "Sugar" refill. Delicious.

Speaking of sugar, I feel the urge to bake cookies. Should I, or shouldn't I ? I'll have to think about it for a while. Maybe even take a walk on it. A long walk. I did that yesterday. Oh this is sooo interesting. Not. Well anyway, did someone say something about cookies ? Huh ?

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Nop. Got nothing special for ya today either.
Unless you wanna hear about my appointment with the doc I had today. But then again, I didn't even wanna be there. So I don't think you wanna hear about it either. And anyways, there are better things to think of than that.

Like the fact that Easter is here.
And tomorrow my sister J is coming here with her "hubby to be" and the "tummy". They're expecting a baby. And also sister E will be here with her most awesome son. Titanic will come too ofc. *sigh* ( Titanic aka Granny. )

So I need to be up and peachy tomorrow.
And right now I can't stop running my fingers through my hair. It's all freshly washed and soft and growing by the day. I wish it was longer already, it's so hard to wait. But so far so good. Haven't wanted to shave it of even once.

I'ma go back to my music now.
I've got a headache coming in again but that ain't gonna stop me from getting my ears over the top drunk from too much music. Nom nom nom. And did I mention I've got candy ? Lot's of it. Everything's all peachy tonight.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Me vs My self.

Yesterday I had a most awesome and peachy evening. I actually won an argument with my self for once. I know this is going to sound nuts and weird, but it felt very unexpected and nice. Some kinda logic asks me how the hell you can have an argument with your self and loose. But as weird as it may be, it is possible. At least when you've got your head full of negative thoughts.

But I'm working on it daily now and it seems like I'm getting some positive results after all. And it didn't take as long as I feared it would either. It's still a small step. But it's going in the right direction and that's a big deal in my mind. Awesome. I hope the rest of the day today turns out at least half as good as the evening went. I'd really like another one of those "awesomely-peachy" days.

Doubt that's gonna be today tho. Went to bed with a headache, woke up with a headache. Still got it. I'm gonna follow my moms example and take a pill and a little nap and get some rest. Hopefully it's gone in an hour or so.

And note to self, drink more water!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Just around the corner.

Easter is, that is. And Just for the fun of it I've got special curtains up for the occasion. Normally I don't change curtains much. Once they're up I mostly let them be. I do change for x-mas but not much else. And oh yes you find this information so valuable and informative don't ya. Wohoptedoo.

Anyways. I'm counting the days now, again. I'm of in a while to visit a friend again. Looking forward to it as usual. And I might even have a bigger journey coming up in June. It's not set in stone just yet tho so I'm cautious. It's been ages since my last trip *sigh* so it would be most awesome. Guess we'll see.

But first things first. Plants to seed and take care of, Easter to enjoy and a few B-days to celebrate. I've also got a present or two to finish and some self confidence too boost. I actually think the later one is the more important one of them all. I've got a site and awesome friends to help me with it.

Meanwhile here in the house, the cats are really enjoying the new couches we got from my mommy's in laws yesterday. So much that when mom came back from getting coffee in the kitchen ( a 3 min trip ) Bella had taken her couch and had no intention what so ever to give it up again. Ain't she adorable.